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Dena, Melbourne. April 18, 2007, 4:50 am

Thanks so much for a fantastic workshop! You are truly doing wonderful things for us dancers :) Look forward to seeing you at the next convention :)

Danni, Wollongong. April 18, 2007, 3:48 am

Thanks so much for organising yet another awesome GDC weekend!! Had a fabulous time... just gets better each year!! Congrats on a fantastic job and thanks for giving aussie dancers the opportunity.

Alyssa, Central Coast. April 18, 2007, 1:16 am

WoW what an amazing weekend! Thankyou so much for putting on such an awesome convention and bringing all of those inspirational teachers to sydney! You do a great job Abby and family! I love your convention and the teachers so much I wish I could dance with all of those beautiful dancers every weekend!!! Already looking forward to next year!!!

erin, Adelaide. February 6, 2007, 2:28 pm

hey!! first just wanted to say how awsome GDC is every year! we went to the Sydney convention last year and loved every minute of it. Tenealle- you are just awsome!!! we totally loved watching you dance. the other person we loved to watch was Jordan Pollard. He won an award in Advanced.he was a fantastic hip hop dancer, so if anyone knows his e-mail or myspace or something we would love to tell him how much we admired his dancing. thanks again everyone at GDC love lots Erin and the Xcel girls

Tyler!, Hervey Bay. September 15, 2006, 7:33 am

Hey all this message goes out to tenealle i just wanted to say your awseome!! i saw you in dance Train and i was jawdropped at your rad pics your quite the model! and then i read more on the net about you and i wanted to say congrats about Global dance thats so amazing you rock! Well better go before i sound like some creepy stalker Lol Much Love Tyler X.

tenealle, new york. September 1, 2006, 11:06 am

hey everyone its tenealle farragher here lol. well i have just finished up at the edge it was absolutly out of this world, it really is incredible.i have to tell the truth when i won global dance i was excited but OMG i didnt relise how much of a massive prize i had won. in my oppinion global dance is one of the best running comps in australia seriously its all expenseses paid for u unless you want to bring your mummy hehehehe, like i did shes expenive hahhahaa. no but seirously by me participating in global dance in sydney not only did i get the chance to take workshop classes with some of the coolest teachers cheoreographys, from america and learn so much, and have a great weekend, i also was fortunate enough to receive what i think is the best prize that you can get out of a competiton in australiia. i dont want to tell to much goss!!! about my time over here, and the edge becasue abbey has asked me to tell it all in an email which she will post up for everyone to see yay!!! lol......but to sum it all up, i am just really so thank full for receiving what i did it has all meant so much to me. so everyone really make sure all your bootys are at global dance next year you really dont understand what a priviledge it was and is to have people like adam and everyone to come out and teach us...... oh and thank you bec for your lovely kind words its nice to know that someone enjoys my dancing hehehee it means alote to me that you think that well im off to new york now for alvin ailey. so ill be pretty lonely over there so if anyone ever wants to tell me the goss in australia write me a note on the guestbook ill check it regulary tenealle xoxo


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