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OffBeat Productions Pty Ltd, established in 2003, is a Perth based company dedicated to heighten the Australian dance community through international dance masterclasses and workshops. It is our main focus to "bridge the gap" between the high volume US entertainment industry and our own through the physical aspect, as well as providing resources for dancers about the overseas market.

OffBeat prides itself on the ability to provide young Australian dancers with an inspirational, motivating dance experience by bringing high-quality US choreographers to our shores. Our touring faculty consists of Gregg Russell , Barry Youngblood, Adam Parson, Ryan Lohoff, Gustavo Vargas and Alison Faulk; some of LA's most highly respected and sought after dancers and teachers, who will deliver their own unique styles.

Following our initial masterclass series in September 2003, XDance Masterclasses - Series II toured Australia in April 2004 with an awesome array of talented US choreographers. Masterclasses were held in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney covering three styles of dance - Jazz, Tap and Hip Hop - allowing dancers to be challenged with up-to-date US styles. After the success of these initial tours, in 2005 we launched GDC - Global Dance Convention®, a complete dance workshop and also expanded our masterclass series to Perth WA.

GDC offers an annual three-day dance workshop in Sydney, Australia featuring five top US choreographers. Classes include Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap, Musical Theatre, Lyrical, Stylised Jazz and more, at Beginner (from 8 years), Intermediate, Advanced and Teacher Levels. Further encouragement is taken from the concluding hour of the workshop which includes faculty performance, comprehensive Q&A session with the teachers and participant awards presentation, making this 'the complete dance experience'.

Offering high-energy and motivational dance instruction in Australia from high profile international teachers/choreographers is the responsibility of the Perth based company, whose focus on providing Australian dancers with similar opportunities will continue on a regular basis.

OffBeat Productions Director, Abby Crossley spent two years training under scholarship at EDGE Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles, and felt a need to create similar opportunities and experiences for Australian dancers.

Through our classes we hope each dancer learns something more about themselves, unearths further passion and experiences a deeper emotion through dance and.......

"feels a different beat".